Angular Theme for Blogifier - Dynamic Data

Angular Theme for Blogifier - Dynamic Data. To streamline development, I'm going to use data service from existing Blogifier theme. So I go and grab it from here and copy to `src/app/core`. One thing to fix right away is to modify environment files to include API endpoint required by service I just imported. Because our theme uses public APIs, we can point it to any Blogifier instance.

Angular Theme for Blogifier - Static Build

In this part we'll get to coding, so VS Code or other editor with Angular support highly recommended. I'll use VS Code here. Install if not already and open folder from the first tutorial, `C:\demo\myapp`. In the terminal, run `ng serve` to make sure it builds and runs application with no errors. You should see something similar to below.

Blogifier 2.1 Released

Tonight I released Blogifier 2.1. I also installed it on couple sites that I'm going to support moving forward. Having multiple instances running in production environment puts a lot of restrictions, because support and maintenance on the live site takes a lot of time and effort.


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