Drag and Drop Widgets with Bootstrap

Just a little concept for the next BE release. Really want to get rid of editing on live site and move all under admin. Why put it here and not just stick in the Github repository or Plunker? Because blog supposed to be center of your digital Universe and if not then something is wrong with it and it needs to be fixed. Blog, not the Universe - that is out of scope. Maybe next year.

Entity Framework 7 Getting Started

If you are new to Entity Framework, especially to all new EF7, best way to start is to look at this code from [sample application](https://github.com/aspnet/Entropy/blob/dev/samples/Data.SqlServer/Program.cs). It shows all you need to know to get rolling: connecting to database, creating a table, inserting and selecting data all in one simple console app.

Bootstrap List Pager

Bootstrap provides nice lists to display all kind of items your website might need. It is very useful, and because it meant to show just few items it is not paged. Problem is, sometimes I do need it paged. For most cases, it can be just a few rows, but for some it can grow in few dozens.

Sorted GridView

Did it ever happened to you? You have a problem and, after research and brainstorming, finally come up with this nice elegant solution. Two month (and hundred problems) later, you are staring at the screen with basically the same task in front of you.


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