Blacklist added to Commentor

Some people complain about [Akismet]( not killing spam as effectively as they would like or hope. I think [Akismet]( doing fine job identifying spam bots, but recently a lot of it coming from real people trying to make a little extra money, and those are challenging to deal with.

How to switch Commentor from Waegis to Akismet

If you are using Commentor with Waegis like I do, you probably got email about [Waegis suspending services]( for uncertain time this coming Friday (September 4th). Waegis served me well all this time and blocked hundreds of spam comments helping to keep this site reasonably clean.

Spam counter control

I’ve been playing a lot with Commentor and [Waegis]( lately and got a little tired of having to get to admin page through extensions panel. I wanted a one-click shortcut from the front page. Great laziness usually leads to a lot of work – for me it resulted in spam counter user control.


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