Password protect posts and pages in BlogEngine

Sometimes you might want to protect individual posts or pages with a password so that only users you sent password to can access this resource. Not exactly wide-spread scenario, which explains why it is not currently supported by BlogEngine. But when you need it you need it, and [this extension]( should cover the basics

Securing images in Asp.Net

This post is a sequel to [Keeping things private]( and will explain how to secure images so that only authenticated users can see them. This is relevant when you want to publish private album on the web

Keeping things private

Blogging is all about openness, spreading and sharing. Most likely you want as many eyeballs on you blog as possible and blogging software, naturally, optimized for doing just that. But what if you want to keep things private? May be you keep your personal diary online because you want to have access to it from anywhere or you want members only blog for friends or family?


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