BlogEngine.Web–Web Application Project

image_thumb_21.pngConverting BlogEngine.NET to Web Application Project has been a popular exercise ever since Microsoft introduced WAP project template for Visual Studio. Without getting into nitty-gritty of arguing about advantages one has over the other, converting from web site to web application is easy enough for BlogEngine.NET community to have both models. It just makes sense to have WAP version in some way linked to “proper” BlogEngine.NET so we won’t be reinventing the weal but improve on the single code base instead.

If you interested in WAP version, here is Codeplex project with latest development build converted to WAP. The plan is to keep it in sync with main releases, each new release will have matching WAP version and we’ll have a link from downloads page pointing to that version for people who prefer it. Just as main BlogEngine.NET project, this one has discussions and issue tracker so you can add your feedback, report bugs and even fork it if. And in case you are DIY kind of person, there is simple guide under documentation section, too.


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