Blogifier 1.0 has been released

logo-64.pngIt took way too long but finally Blogifier.Core 1.0 has been released to the world! It means, two brand new packages popped up in the and, if you search on "blogifier" it should return page looking similar to this:

So what they do? They give you easiest way to add blog to your ASP.NET Core application, period. You can try anything else, and believe me I did, and nothing will jump-start your blog faster and easier. It also doesn't hurt that is looks awesome, clean and professional. It is completely integrated with Nuget - you install package into your ASP.NET project and upgrade it when new version comes up. It is easy to set up, you can write your first post couple minutes after you run "install package" in Package Manager console. So if you want to give it a shot:


 Demo on Azure

Also, for quick overview you might want to read this post on demo site.


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