Consolidating Blogifier and Core

For a while Blogifier tried wearing two hats - been platform (Core) and application at the same time. In theory it made sense, in reality you need large team for this kind of multitasking. Worrying about all the scenarios we tried to support made any change to application become a major headache and slow us down big time. Also didn't help that developers seems confused about this double-headed beast we were building  So it came time to decide on what we want to be - a platform for others build their applications or an application in its own right. And it turns out we like building applications more than platforms, so this is direction Blogifier taking now going forward. Here are first steps we took:

  • Taking down "Blogifier" repository
  • Renaming "Blogifier.Core" to "Blogifier". This is our main repository with most developers following it
  • Moving application code to renamed "Blgofier" (currently, only dev branch)

We going to move forward Blogifier as blogging application, simple, beautiful and powerful, that will be pleasure to work with and easy to customize and extend. And having simplified and consolidated code base will let us adopt and evolve much quicker.

If you used Core for your own application - the latest code tagged and available here.


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