dfMarine – new theme for BlogEngine

screenshot_thumb.png With Christmas just around the corner I wanted to share something good with BE community to keep the spirit alive :) I hope you’ll like this new theme, it is widgets ready and should work fine with BE 1.4 and up. I think I covered all (or almost all) widgets in CSS, so it should look decent with your site out of the box. One thing I left out is accordion for side bar – all those widgets on the right should slide up and down on title click. Mostly because I want to finally get into jQuery and this is as good reason for me as any to get started, so I’ll upgrade it to accordion when I’ll become proficient enough with this JavaScript library.

While working on this theme, I read about new MVC design gallery and thought “wouldn’t it bee cool to have something like this for BE community”? So, not to waist opportunity, I created my own Wish List of BlogEngine improvements for the next year.

  • Community Exchange - site, just as that gallery thing – but better ;) What I want most out of it – self publishing for any piece of code that can run on top of BlogEngine.
  • Web service that would glue every BE blog and this community site in many interesting ways.
  • Ability to install/uninstall plug-ins from administration console, kind of like you can install modules in DotnetNuke (lower sound volume before clicking the link, it’ll start movie on the page).
  • Be able to upgrade to the next version by clicking “upgrade” button in the admin menu.

May be I’m a little over the top here, but well, it’s all up to Santa now :)

Test drive dfMarine for BlogEngine

Download dfmarine.zip


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