dfMarine - updated

dfmrn-1_thumb.png The dfMarine theme has been updated with sliding widgets. No, I did not become a [w:jQuery] expert just yet - it is mostly courtesy of Chris Blankenship, I used his AnimatedCollapse extension and it did the job exactly the way I wanted. I did run into problem with [W:jQuery] using “$” function, it has a conflict with other JS I run on my site where this same thing used a little bit differently. But it was easy enough to ask jQuery switch to using “$j” instead, so that conflict was happily resolved.

As usually, all you need to use this theme is copy files into corresponding locations. It will override default WidgetBase.cs, so I’d recommend to back this one up before installing theme in case this class will be changed in the next releases, this will save you trip to CodePlex repository if you run into issues and decide to give up.

Download dfmarine.zip

I also keep getting quite a few requests to share customized Wow theme I use on my blog, so I decided to put it for download here. It never meant for distribution, that means you’ll probably have to invest some time to get it work for you – I mostly worked on it on as-needed bases and did not cover stuff I don’t use.

Download wow.zip


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