Firefox 3 and Silverlight

Yesterday newly installed Firefox 3 crashed on me at least 10 times, which, I believe, is a new world record (ha-ha). It could be because I am visiting a lot of Microsoft-centric sites that often run Silverlight. It looks like Silverlight 1.0 does not work in FF3 at all and Silverlight 2.0 kills it. Or vice-versa. Lovely... At the end, I had to drop to IE 6 (tough without tabs, but works fine). So, where does it put Silverlight and who is to blame? Specially considering the fact that problem with compatibility was known long ago and existed since early betas?


It doesn’t matter, everybody is a looser. Firefox – because it is crashes. Microsoft – because it’s cross platform/cross browser technology did not cross anything yet (very limited on Linux, still not working in Opera despite promises etc.). Average Jo – because “internet is broken”.


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