What's up

Small little tiny but mostly good things.

My Office Live account silently healed itself.

Now I can really use it instead of Google Docs. Open document, edit, save. Open from another computer and all changes are there. This is Zen-like beautiful. There are ways to go in terms of productivity yet, little things sometimes getting in the way, but overall it works as it should. Good job! (and it’s not even at version 3.0 yet).

GoDaddy updated my hosting account to .NET 3.5


Also without saying a word. Few days after sending me email that it is absolutely positively not possible to upgrade from 2.0 to 3.5 and there is nothing can be done about it, I opened dashboard and it was there. I even put a little sample Silverlight app to test it - yep, works fine. Hmmm...  thanks Daddy!

Visual Web Developer 2008 Express edition SP1

Just read this on ScottGu’s blog:

The Visual Web Developer 2008 Express edition (which is free) is being updated in SP1 to add support for both class library and ASP.NET Web Application project types. Previous versions of Visual Web Developer Express only supported ASP.NET web-site projects.
Among other benefits, the support of class library and web application projects will enable ASP.NET MVC and Silverlight projects to be built with the free Visual Web Developer 2008 Express. All of the above JavaScript, Dynamic Data, Classic ASP, and AJAX improvements work with Visual Web Developer Express as well.

How cool is this? Sure I do have VS 2008 (thanks to MSDN subscription my company paying) but for average hobbyist developer this is big. Thumbs up! (those guys on MVC team got to be really pushy).

Getting organized with OneNote and EverNote.

My initial impression with these two apps was right; I ended up using both of them in totally different scenarios. Although they are look like competitors, in reality – not so much.

I always use OneNote at work as kind of personal Wiki. And, as Wiki, it really shines – where do you find one that will let you drag and drop video and audio files into it, save emails and calendar entries with a button click, create decent graphics, flowcharts and let you do bunch other crazy things? I’m keep liking it.

EverNote, on the other hand, is indispensable as a visual clipboard that you can throw anything into and it just sticks. I use it all the time when run into something interesting browsing web – keeps your delicious bookmarks so much cleaner.

New theme for be 1.4

Start playing with another conversion from WP to BE. This one is to demonstrate new dynamic features available for upcoming 1.4 release. Because it will let you save theme settings, it opens a world of possibilities. Work in progress so far, I’m still looking for fun and creative ways to abuse this functionality.

Strong typing for Extension Manager in be 1.4

Extension manager is been neglected for some time, but now I’m back to making enhancements there. Strong typing for parameters been a popular demand, so I went for it and added easy ones for starters: Boolean and integer. Boolean rendered on the settings page as check box and both exposed through parameter’s AddValue method. Tricky part will be to implement more complex things like drop-downs etc.


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