This real-time customer analytics service just released public beta 8.0 and I tested it with BlogEngine.NET to make sure they still work great together. If you a fan of statistics then you might like it a lot, this service provides functionality similar to Google Analytics with a stress on real-time activity. It is done very well and works great, and with Google dropping services (yep, I’m going to miss Reader) it is not a bad idea to have a plan “B”. I would not recommend to run both at the same time, this might generate too many service calls – although I did it for some time without noticeable downsides. The way it works you create account with Woopra and they give you a script that you add to your admin/settings/custom code/trailing scripts. Then you just go to Woopra site and log in into your dashboard.


Dashboard provides usual information about your visitors, showing those reading posts right now and giving charts and graphs you’d expect from decent analytics service. It is free for 30,000 monthly “activities” and if you need more than that you probably can afford to pay for more calls and some extra niceties.


Overall it looks pretty impressive and if you into this kind of things at least give it a try, took me just few minutes to get it up and running.