Blogifier 2.1 Released

Tonight I released Blogifier 2.1. I also installed it on couple sites that I'm going to support moving forward. Having multiple instances running in production environment puts a lot of restrictions, because support and maintenance on the live site takes a lot of time and effort. This means updates should be planned carefully and deployed without affecting existing functionality. So, less experimentation and more stability in the future.

To make things even easier, next version will support auto-update - when new release will be added to the repository, notification will pop up in the admin prompting to upgrade to the latest. Should be as easy as clicking a button. If you running any flavor of Blogifier, this is a good time to upgrade. When next release comes along, it will only auto-upgrade for versions 2.1 and up. So investing into upgrade now will save lots of time in the future.

Besides setup for future auto-upgrade, new release has simplified and refined theme model, support for SQL Server out of the box, improved build and testing, markdown editor with custom multimedia tag support, notifications, better documentation and probably few more things I'm forgetting.


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