How to Remove Vertical MiniMap in Visual Studio Proper

  • September 16, 2018
  • In coding

It is very much in your face but so sudden that it took me awhile to realize. You may be familiar with this from VS Code - the minimap on the side of code window displaying quick preview. It can be helpful and some people like using it, but over time I wanted go back to minimalistic editor and remove this feature. So right-click and.. ok, there is no "hide" option. No problem, tools -> options... where the hack is it?


Turns out, in Visual Studio, unlike VS Code, it was integrated into scrollbar itself. So you really right-click -> Scroll Bar Options and then select use bar mode instead of use map mode. Simple enough and kind of makes sense, but may not be what you've expected.


And while on Visual Studio subject - maybe its just me, but I"m a bit disappointed with it lately. For the last few years it was going really strong, and I used it along with VS Code without much of a trouble. But latest couple releases were really bad for me - crashy, buggy and unpleasant in general. Can't even put finger on it - just a small things all around. Lots of them. Its like it was getting better, simpler, easier to use - and then turned around and went to old bad habits. Could be I'm just comparing it to VS Code and Studio's strict solution/project model looks very closed and uncomfortable. But still all the crashes and freezes... Yesterday it crashed and came back with "do you want to recover this file"? Sure I do - recover sounds like such a nice option, right? An hour of work lost - it "recovered" by wiping up all the changes.

VS Code all the way? Maybe.


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