The Big Reshuffle

I thought it will take a whole lot more, but it was surprisingly easy. The big restructure I wanted to do for the Blogifier repository took just a couple of days to complete; splitting into multiple repositories, cleaning and making it all work with each other and publishing to as reusable libraries. So now this all exactly as outlined in the diagram.


One of the reasons for this move is to separate rarely changing functionality from user facing front-end that changes all the time. This also incapsulates things that should not be customized/modified into external packages, where it is harder to change and application gets more stable. It is sort of experimental, I don't know if it will prove successful or not, it could change in the future. For example, I quickly realized that having widgets in its own repository simply inconvenient and leads to duplication and time waste with little advantages, and pushed widgets project back into the web application. Good learning experience nevertheless.

To sum up, Blogifier is a personal blog application written in ASP.NET Core MVC to serve pages quickly and to make theming easy. The admin panel is all Blazor, so it can be maintained and improved pretty easily given Blazor is very productive and fun to work with.

The Angular version is not going anywhere - it is a SPA CLI solution running on top of REST APIs, it can be useful beyond it current implementation, with React and Mobile been obvious candidates. So it can evolve along with default MVC version. They could get closer down the road, with just a checkbox for a user to select one or the other. Or they could go completely different routes, time will tell. Bottom line, they both loved and supported.


This site is all about developing web applications with focus on designing and building open source blogging solutions. Technologies include ASP.NET Core, C#, Angular, JavaScript and more.