dfMarine - updated

The dfMarine theme has been updated with sliding widgets. No, I did not become a [w:jQuery] expert just yet - it is mostly courtesy of [Chris Blankenship](http://www.dscoduc.com/post/2008/08/16/AnimatedCollapse-Extension-for-Widgets.aspx), I used his AnimatedCollapse extension and it did the job exactly the way I wanted. I did run into problem with [W:jQuery] using “$” function, it has a conflict with other JS I run on my site where this same thing used a little bit differently.

dfMarine – new theme for BlogEngine

With Christmas just around the corner I wanted to share something good with BE community to keep the spirit alive :) I hope you’ll like this new theme, it is widgets ready and should work fine with BE 1.4 and up. I think I covered all (or almost all) widgets in CSS, so it should look decent with your site out of the box.

Porting WordPress theme to BlogEngine

Cool thing about open source is sharing. You give some - you get some. When it comes to themes, there are tons of great free designs out there on the web for applications like blogs.Some of them are generic CSS templates, others specifically designed for popular open source projects like WordPress.


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