Angular Theme for Blogifier - Dynamic Data

Angular Theme for Blogifier - Dynamic Data. To streamline development, I'm going to use data service from existing Blogifier theme. So I go and grab it from here and copy to `src/app/core`. One thing to fix right away is to modify environment files to include API endpoint required by service I just imported. Because our theme uses public APIs, we can point it to any Blogifier instance.

BlogEngine 2.8 Theme Structure

Looking for improvements to layout and theme structure in the next BlogEngine, I went through existing code analyzing how these things work now. Its not very straightforward, so I decided to put together a quick overview that might help someone maintaining and modifying blog built with BlogEngine.NET

Customizing Post Navigation

Post navigation in BlogEngine is a little hard to customize. By default it looks like picture below and that works fine with standard theme. Small problem is that those angle brackets and "|" in the middle not that easy to get rid of without some nasty CSS tricks because they baked into the core code that nobody likes to touch

Comment Form Templates

When I visit someone's blog for the first time and want to check quickly if it runs BlogEngine, I usually go straight to comment form and if it looks like a variation of the picture below I can sure tell it is running BE.

How to convert theme to BlogEngine.NET part 4

In this part we'll get menu working. [BlogEngine]( supports “pages” – pages are different in that they don’t belong to post list, don’t support comments and can have parent/child relationship. In short, this is a way to turn your blog into CMS (content management system) or combine blog and CMS on the same site.

How to convert theme to BlogEngine.NET part 3

This is part 3 of converting theme to [BlogEngine]( tutorial. In the [first part]( we created a new theme and added HTML/CSS/JavaScript from chosen design template. [Second part]( mostly dealt with customizing search. Today is going to be a widgets day.

How to convert theme to BlogEngine.NET part 2

This is a second in the series of tutorials on theme building with [BlogEngine]( (go to [part one]( This time I’ll get search functionality up and running. [BlogEngine]( has search widget and server-side control to add search really easy to the blog

How to convert theme to BlogEngine.NET

With summer behind us, you might want to change things a little bit to celebrate a new season. Like buy a new shoes or, may be, change a theme on the blog. I decided to do the later. My schedule is quiet busy, so I’ll do it in several steps and will share tips, tricks and findings with anybody interested.

In the search of mobile theme

Largely as a result of iPhone revolution, mobile devices today more wide spread and connected to the web than ever. It is increasingly important for web sites to look good on the small screen to attract mobile users. [BlogEngine.Net]( has mobile theme that looks ok, but we need more and better.

DarkBlog theme refreshed for BE 1.5

Just finished refreshing my old [DarkBlog]( theme to run under newest [BlogEngine 1.5 release]( It has been neglected for quiet some time now, I had to add widgets support, nested comments and few tweaks here and there to play nice with new features added to [BlogEngine]( since version 1.3 when this theme was introduces.


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