How to migrate to IIS 7 on GoDaddy

This post more accurately should’ve been called "how NOT to migrate to IIS 7". To [migrate from IIS 6 to IIS 7 on GoDaddy]( all you need is to push "upgrade to IIS 7" button in the control panel. Sweet, right? Actually, this is the last thing you want to do.

About Open Source .NET Projects

About Open Source .NET Projects. And why they don’t take over the world. If you ever wonder about it, you probably already came up with perfectly good explanation. I’ve heard and [read quite a few]( and agree with most of them, but still want to add my two cents. IMO, in open source there are generally two kinds of approaches.

Firefox 3 and Silverlight

Yesterday newly installed Firefox 3 crashed on me at least 10 times, which, I believe, is a new [world record]( (ha-ha). It could be because I am visiting a lot of Microsoft-centric sites that often run Silverlight. It looks like Silverlight 1.0 does not work in FF3 at all and Silverlight 2.0 kills it.

USB flash drive stopped working

I use thumb flash drives quite a lot moving between computers. It is still much faster to load a gig or two from the flash drive than to use [Skydrive]( or other "cloud" alternative. For the most part it is painless - stick it in and OS will find and mount it, no setup requires. But one day perfectly good USB drive stopped working all of the sudden on one specific computer.

To host or not to host

Running public web site from your basement is unprofessional. I know that. For a couple years I'm running my own internet facing toy server at home as a sandbox project. Let me tell you - I'm still working on that 99.99999% uptime. 5-6 times a year my house loosing power, sometimes it comes back right away but it doesn't matter - server is going down and patiently awaiting me coming back from work.

Strategy pattern

Do you use design patterns in your daily development? You probably should, and if you don't you might start with reading some books on the subject. I would suggest [one from Head First series](, although [not everybody]( is a big fan of this book.

You've got Paint

When I first tried []( a year or so back, I wasn’t that much impressed. It looked a bit heavy for small feature set and fallen lightning years behind Photoshop. I tried to use it, but soon it ended up in the dusty corner of my toolbox.


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