Woopra Update

This real-time customer analytics service just released [public beta 8.0](http://www.woopra.com/blog/2013/03/22/woopra-version-8-0-beta-bespoke-analytics-built-for-your-business/) and I tested it with BlogEngine.NET to make sure they still work great together. If you a fan of statistics then you might like it a lot, this service provides functionality similar to [Google Analytics](http://www.google.com/analytics/) with a stress on real-time activity.

Windows 8 First Impressions

I took a plunge and decided to run Windows 8 consumer preview as my main OS. I realize it is beta and expect lots of issues, it is given. If there are real showstoppers I might even go back to Win 7, will see. But for now it looks ok and I want to share experience in case someone else thinking about making a switch.

Desktop vs Web Email Clients

About a month ago I re-discovered that you can actually run email client on desktop and unexpectedly liked it. That is odd - I distinctly remember some kind of pain associated with this activity in the recent past, so I tried to sort this out. Mainly for myself, but may be someone else will find this useful or amusing.

WinHost - new ASP.NET hosting

Hosting is a tough business, you almost can't load a page on the internet without running into adds by hosting companies. Yet, on average hosts do pretty bad job in customer satisfaction. It is especially true for those of us looking for cheap affordable solution for blog or family website with low-end requirements.

PHP on Windows Home Server

As I [have already wrote](http://rtur.net/blog/post/2009/06/27/Web-Platform-Installer-20-on-Windows-Home-Server.aspx), you can use [Web Platform Installer](http://www.microsoft.com/web/Downloads/platform.aspx) to turn home server into full-blown web server. WPI 2.0 comes with whole bunch of [.NET and PHP applications](http://www.microsoft.com/web/gallery/) for you to pick from.

Ipod Touch - first impression

I commute a lot, mostly on the train, which explains why my need for entertainment on-the-go is a little bit on the extreme. Over years I used all kind of portable devices, from actual paper books (remember those?) to the wide range of media players and e-readers. Couple weeks ago I got a budget approved to get a new toy and was really torn between [Ipod Touch](http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/) and [Zune HD](http://www.zune.net/en-us/products/zunehd/default.htm).

Web Platform Installer on Windows Home Server

Windows [Home Server](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Home_Server) is a great OS for home users, it does a lot of stuff for you and you can find many [useful plug-ins](http://www.whsplus.com/) if you want more. One thing that it does not do out of the box though it does not work as a web server.

OneNote vs. EverNote

It is hard to keep track of everything you need to remember our days. You can try fancy [Moleskine](http://www.moleskineus.com/moleskine-about.html "About Moleskine") or stick papers to refrigerator, but it never worked for me. For a while now I use [OneNote](http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/onenote/default.aspx) from Microsoft - and I really like it.

Office Live Workspace

I have [Windows Live](http://home.live.com/) account and, when I’ve read about new [Office Live](http://workspace.officelive.com/) offering, it got me exited and I went to try it out. What a cool idea: you install little add-in for office and, when you need to save a file, instead of your hard drive you save it in the cloud.


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